02 February 2009


Colorado Spring rock band Elision clearly has what it takes in terms of skills, polish, and a pleasing sound to make the big time. At their myspace page (linked above, Garageband.com has a profile here), they describe themselves as follows:

An elision refers to the least common progression in music theory. Coming together in November of 2004, Elision chose the name because they are trying to do something outside the stereotype of their genre of music. Their first album, "Reflecting on Refraction", is an album about change. Change in direction, both in music and in life. The aching melodies and dark bass lines mix with essences of rock, progressive, and alternative beats. "Reflecting on Refraction" is not an album of 11 non-identifiable songs. Each has its own personality and flavor, just like the guys.

Elision is currently trying to break the mold starting with the one embedded within themselves. We only hope that you too can be open minded as we walk out blindly towards the light.

They have received airplay on 93.3 FM in Denver (KTCL), both on locals shows in the dark of night and in general airplay, and have a record out. A review of one of their recent shows (as one act of several) at the Gothic, in Englewood, Colorado noted:

Colorado Springs-based Elision (myspace.com/elisionband) . . . helped change up the pace with an almost alternative/hard rock/metal mixed sound to them. The first noticeable thing about Elision was the great frontman, who had a voice that sounded like it could have filled the Gothic up without a microphone, and came across with somewhat of a Maynard Keenan feel to him.

YouTube has an amateur clip of them performing at a "local pub" with links to clips of a number of other local shows. A more comprehensive profile can be found here.

But Elision is currently in that liminal space between the successful indie garage band and the big time signed act.

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