08 June 2009

Robert Keith Ray Joins Colorado Death Row

Robert Keith Ray has been sentenced to death by an Arapahoe County jury. He joins Sir Mario Owen, is co-conspirator in a witness killing, and Chucky Cheese multiple murderer Nathan Dunlap on Colorado's death row.

Dunlap is nearing the end of the appeals process after more than a decade of appeals. Owen's case is on direct appeal to the Colorado Supreme Court. Ray had already been sentenced to a de facto life in prison without parole sentence in connection with other convictions, and a direct appeal of his convictions and sentence to the Colorado Supreme Court is almost certain. (Edward Montour, Jr., a death penalty volunteer who killed a prison guard, had his death sentence vacated by the Colorado Supreme Court on procedural grounds and now faces resentencing.)

Background on this case and other people on or recently on Colorado's death row can be found here.

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