24 June 2009

Tax Shelters Kill

The recent Washington Metro crash, one of the worst passenger train crashes in recent American history, may have been substantially the result of a tax shelter that kept a passenger car in service beyond its useful life.


Michael Malak said...

I noticed the same thing, too -- I'm glad bloggers are highlighting it (since I gave up my blog in 2005-2006).

That's a mighty libertarian comment you made.

Michael Malak said...

Oh, and for a topical comment -- there's no way WMATA can tolerate losing 25% of its rolling stock. That would put it back in the days of 2001-2002 when I was riding it frequently and it had four-car trains instead of today's eight-car trains. It was more crowded than Tokyo's subway, which I've also ridden. The way I used to get on the train was I held my briefcase in front of my pelvis and just walked in to the train jammed with people, one foot in front of the other.