03 January 2006

Another Reminder Of The Risks Of Coal

More people die each year in the process of making coal and running coal fired utilities than have ever died from nuclear power in the course of the industry's existence. Today brings another reminder of that fact from West Virginia.

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James Aach said...

One thing missing in the nuclear energy debate is a firm grasp of the American nuclear industry today. As a longtime nuclear worker, I can state that few outside the industry have a clear picture of this. Unfortunately TV, movies, magazines and academic books have not captured the real story in a way the general public can understand and appreciate. Things are much different than you might imagine.

As a way to introduce the public in a painless way to the facts on electricity production in general, and nuclear energy in particular, I have written a techno-thriller novel about the American nuclear power industry. "Rad Decision" provides an entertaining and accurate portrait of a nuclear power plant and how an accident might be handled. The novel is available at RadDecision.blogspot.com, at no cost to readers.

Take a look at Rad Decision - you might enjoy it. (And if you do, please pass the word.) There are reader reviews at the website in the Comments section.