17 January 2017

Cutting Edge Educational Technology In Mathematics And Theoretical Physics

Coverage of the important topic of blackboards is to be found here. To those ill-informed sorts who think that blackboards are the past, whiteboards or some other technology the future, I’ll point out the following. When I came to Columbia back in 1989, there was a recently installed modest-sized whiteboard in the math department common room. Everyone hated it, and after many years it was replaced by a similar-sized blackboard. Last year, in a renovation of the lounge, that blackboard was replaced by a better one, and one whole wall of the room was replaced by a floor-to-ceiling blackboard. A year or so ago, a newly renovated Theory Center was unveiled here in the Physics department: floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall blackboards. That’s the future, the whiteboard is the past.
From Not Even Wrong

Incidentally, the linked material notes that chemists, unlike mathematicians and physicists, prefer whiteboards.

16 January 2017

Quote Of The Day

I thought about my last birthday party and decided that despite the ice sculptures, and the champagne fountain, and the giant cake shaped like Thorne Abbey, I preferred Skee-Ball and a guy in a giant rat suit.
- "Demonglass", Rachel Hawkins.

Notable, because an almost identical sentiment was expressed in a recent college application essay from our household.