02 July 2020

Human Development Index By Region In South Asia

There are stark regional divisions in standard of living across South Asia. It is the least homogeneous region in the world in that respect. The fact that Sri Lanka is near the top, despite the fact that it had almost as long of a civil war as Afghanistan, which is near the bottom, in recent history, is particularly notable.

Hat tip to Razib Khan.

Also, total fertility rate in South Asia from the same author at the same blog in other post.

The Empirical Foundations Of The Case For Gun Control In A Nutshell

* Guns are not used millions of times each year in self-defense.
* Most purported self-defense gun uses are gun uses in escalating arguments, and are both socially undesirable and illegal.
* Firearms are used far more often to intimidate than in self-defense.
* Guns in the home are used more often to intimidate intimates than to thwart crime.
* Adolescents are far more likely to be threatened with a gun than to use one in self-defense.
* Criminals who are shot are typically the victims of crime.
* Few criminals are shot by decent law-abiding citizens.
* Self-defense gun use is rare and not more effective at preventing injury than other protective actions.
From here (with further explanation and peer reviewed research sources). 

01 July 2020

Quote of the Day

I would rather be a devil in alliance with truth, than an angel in alliance with falsehood.
― Ludwig Feuerbach