05 January 2006

Four Year Old On No Fly List

The good news about the four year old on the no fly list is that they let him fly anyway. The bad news is that this was a difficult decision for the officials involved.

TSA regional spokeswoman Carrie Harmon said the agency tells airlines not to deny boarding to children under 12 or select them for extra security checks even if their names match ones on the list.

"We do not require ID for children because there are no children on the list," Harmon said. "If it's a child, ticket agents have the authority to immediately de-select them."

This is interesting, as my children, neither of whom is more than half way to twelve years old, have been singled out for extra security checks at the Colorado Springs Airport. And, I am pretty sure that there aren't any terrorists out there with the last name Oh-Willeke. They didn't hassle me at all, however, despite the fact that I was a tall, large, man in his thirties traveling alone with a long history of left wing political activity. Maybe preschool is subversive or something. Then again, I'm white, unlike my wife who was with them and who was also singled out for extra security threats on that occassion, and my children. But, we all know that the TSA doesn't engage in suspicionless racial profiling, don't we?


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