09 January 2006

Lofts Go Up In Smoke

The Louisiana Station Lofts project was going to put a batch of nice little condominiums next to my neighborhood light rail station (the Wash Park Perk and Pub is half way there, so I can have a little break en route) on the line set to open late this year that connects the Denver Tech Center to the existing light rail system in Denver. It was sold out before it broke ground and was about a month away from completion. The schedule is a bit delayed now. Much of it was destroyed by fire this week (no relation to the wildfires buring across Colorado and elsewhere this week, although the cause is as yet, undetermined).

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mike perrault said...

Hi Mr. Oh-Willeke,

Do you know if the lofts will be rebuilt?
It sounds as if you thought they'd be a nice addition to your neighborhood.
I'm a reporter for the Denver Business Journal.
Thanks, Mike Perrault