01 January 2006

More Twenty-Four Hour Coffee

We all know that Leela's European Cafe (fka Lola's European Cafe) has 24 hour coffe at a location near the Denver Convention Center beneath Tarantula Billiards. Well, competition in the Denver coffee market is fierce and as a result, I noticed today that Starbucks has struck back. It now has a 24 hour coffee shop at the location at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore near the intersection of Mississippi and Colorado in Glendale. Late night coffee drinkers, drink your hearts out.


Off Colfax said...

Andrew, hate to burst your bubble, but that Starbucks has been open 24 hours a day since at least March, 2002. That was back when I first started driving a taxi, so you could probably guess that this particular location was my lifeblood and salvation at 4 in the morning.

And it's probably one of the best kept secrets in the Denver market. Well, not anymore.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Thanks. I care much more about getting the story right than my ego.