19 February 2007

We're Number Two. . . In Stale Snow

Today, Denver enjoyed (survived?!) its 61st continuous day with measurable snow on the ground. This makes this winter second only to the winter of 1983-1984, when Denver had 63 continuous days of measurable snow on the ground. They measure it at 6 a.m. in Stapleton. Today broke the second place record from 1913-1914.

More snow is due this afternoon and evening, so despite warm temperatures today, we are likely to make it, at least, to day 62 on Tuesday morning. Wednesday would tie the record, and Thursday would surpass it. Warm temperatures expected during the day all this week makes this is a close call.

We know that we can never get enough moisture in Denver, and with the evidence for global warming growing ever more conclusive, we may be looking at long eras of drought that will leave us nostalgic for winters like this one. Still, it does get old.


Dex said...

it's entirely possible our winters, in the near future, will look a lot like this one - warm at front end, brutal snow, and warm at the back. as james lovelock said, "exciting!"

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

We'll stay at #2. The snow lasted 61 days (snow expected for Monday largely didn't materialize).