10 April 2007

Attorney Tax Protester Fined

A tax attorney, George E. Harp of Louisiana, who engaged in tax protester tactics in filing his own zero income tax returns has predictably faced the consequences of his actions.

Over six years he failed to pay about $32,142 (the IRS reconstruction of his income based on bank deposits). He also incurred substantial penalties of $37,144. In addition, of course, there will be interest and probably court costs as well.

While it wasn't addressed in this opinion, it is fair to guess that Harp will be disqualified from the practice of law before the I.R.S., and disbarred from the practice of law generally, in short order.

Will he face criminal prosecution as well? It would be an easy case to make, but it isn't clear if the I.R.S. will be bothered to do so.

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