05 October 2011

Economy Fragile

The nation is verging on another bear stock market, there is talk of a double dip recession in the air, the employment situation is still bad, the bad debts and troubled banks discovered in the financial crisis still haven't fully come to roost and run their course yet (four years later), the European sovereign debt crisis is continuing to get worse, and Congress just barely managed to pass an omnibus bill to keep the government running until November 18 when Republicans can engage in yet another round of highly unpopular brinksmanship that have brought Congressional populatity levels and overall dissatifaction with how our government works to new lows. Despite record low interest rates, nobody is borrowing money for new major purchases.

Also, the Rockies didn't make the playoffs, the Broncos chances are not looking great at this point in the season, and there is no parking anywhere near the Denver courthouse.

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