26 March 2015

Republican State Legislator In Colorado Still Crazy

An Evangelical Christian minister from Colorado Springs who was elected with overwhelming voter support to the Colorado State House after his crazy religious decrees were widely publicized has, unsurprisingly, continued to embarrass his follow Republicans.

Most recently, he has said that a nurse who lured a seven months pregnant woman in Longmont to her home and used a knife to rip the fetus from her body so she could have her own child, was carrying out God's will to punish us for legalizing abortion.

Everyone else in the world thinks that this interpretation of the crime is stark, raving crazy in multiple obvious ways too numerous to full expound upon in this post.

But, he is still apparently within the mainstream of the Republican party according to party leaders from Colorado Springs at the time he was running for office, something that his easy ride to victory in the general election affirmed.  Nice to know.

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