27 August 2013

Keeping "the book" interesting

In addition to a busy work schedule and a tumultuous personal life, one of the factors that has been keeping blog posting levels low here at Wash Park Prophet, has been a side project, "the book" that is coming along.  I may have to think about ways to avoid a criticism of another recent non-fiction book, however, so as to secure a wider readership.

Apparently, the problem with some non-fiction books is that there are "not enough vampires and car chases."  I will clearly need to endeavor to avoid this problem in my own work.  Honestly, important subjects like those are hard to avoid in any decent piece of non-fiction anyway.  This blog has the vampire topic soundly addressed on multiple occasions and from multiple perspectives, but is a bit light on car chases, something that will have to be addressed sometime soon.

Co-author, take note!

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