16 November 2015

At Least He's Not Your Town Board Member

In the front range hamlet of Pierce, Colorado (population 900), one of the town board members, D.J. Meyer, was the leader of a small biker gang that regularly beat people up and stole prescription drugs.

Last September, the town board member and the four members of his gang murdered a woman who had been a house guest of the board member, dumped her body in Wyoming, and dumped her dog twenty miles away. On October 29, the town board member and four gang members were arrested for murder based upon multiple confessions, another woman related to the gang was been arrested on lesser charges.  The dog has been recovered, and they are still looking for the body.

More than two weeks later, it ends up in the Denver Post.

The gang leader had run unopposed for the town board position, because it is hard to find anyway willing to serve as elected officials in small town government.  This time, they truly did end up picking from the bottom of the barrel, although apparently local town officials and law enforcement were not aware of the gang or its leader's criminal activities.

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andrew said...

Police believe that they have located the victim's body in Wyoming. http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_29771533/body-found-wyoming-may-be-missing-woman-from