03 October 2005

200 Posts.

This is the 200th post on Wash Park Prophet. Today also marks the three month anniversary of the first post on this blog. The blog is still well in line with the mission statement set forth in the sidebar, and is still fun. Readership and incoming links are up. And, I'd like to think that post quality has not materially declined.

This is as good a point as any to announce a major change in the offing. As of Halloween, I will no longer be a professor at the College For Financial Planning, which has laid off a third of its full time rank and file faculty due to budget pressures from the Apollo Group, which owns both it and the University of Phoenix. In the short term, I will be returning to the private practice of law, although I will refrain from mentioning the details until the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed. I haven't ruled out a return to academia at some point, although not many colleges and universities start their terms in November, so any actual return will happen, if ever, in the future, not now. I'd appreciate it if anyone with an inside track on tenure track teaching posts for attorneys not listed in the Chronicle of Higher Education or the Law Profs blogs send me an e-mail.

This blog will continue to be reguarly updated, but the pace of new posts may decline a bit starting in November.


Kyle said...

Congratulations on your 200th post. It's been fun trying to keep up with you.

I hope all the personal changes end up for the best.


Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Thanks for the encouragement. It is greatly appreciated.