15 October 2005

300 Posts.

Hurray! I'll take this post to say thank you to all of those of you who come to this site. Traffic has been up almost every week for weeks and weeks, and on the whole I appreciate your abundant comments -- its nice to know that someone is reading. I also want to offer a special thanks to all of the bloggers out there who have added this site to your blog roll.

Also, on a personal note, my official start date, in an Of Counsel relationship with the law firm of McGihon and Associates, LLC, in the Capital Hill neighborhood of the City and County of Denver, Colorado will be November 1, 2005. I will be specializing in wills, trusts and estates, and business law. Farewell T-Rex (the construction project, not the blog). I won't miss commuting through you.


Julie O. said...

Congratulations on posts and a job.

So you can give me a good deal on preparing a will, huh huh?

I met a guy at a Barnes & Noble (nice guy, nice family) who sells memberships with a lawyer service. It costs $36 a month for access to a lawyer and identity theft protection (lawyer access is unlimited consultation by phone, responses to threatening letters, preparation of documents, such as wills, and a certain amount of hours -- depending on the length of your membership -- for court appearances).

Have you heard of such services? And what do you think?

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

My rates are very reasonable and everyone knows that just as it won't rain if you have an umbrella, you won't die if you have a will. I'm not a big fan of those services myself for reasons that would probably take a long post of itself to explain.

Kyle said...

Congrats on the posts and the new position! And you've just given me the best reason ever to get a will made up...