13 October 2005

Colorado Near Bottom Of Nation On Education

If anyone wants a reason to pass Referendums C and D, they should read the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation's report. The big problem: Colorado's funding of education, both at the K-12 level and at the higher education level is miserable, and our performance in those areas leaves much to be desired. The only saving grace is the education areas is that the state imports a lot of college graduates from other states for its workforce.

48th in state and local support for higher education

32nd in high school graduates entering college within one year of graduation

46th in higher education spending per capita

26th in per capita spending on K-12 education

49th in K-12 spending as a percent of personal income

29th in high school graduation rates—down from 26th in 1995

On the plus side, at least we're not fat. Colorado has the lowest obesity rate in the nation.

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