02 October 2005

Embarrassing Fame.

The little icon at the bottom of this page monitors which websites refer you to this page and reports to me on its findings from time to time. Sometimes the results are interesting; sometimes they are embarrassing. As you might have guessed, I don't have an editor. And, while this has the virtue of letting me get my ideas out to you uncensored, it also allows an occasional typo or misspelling or awkward turn of phrase to make its way into this blog.

On one hand, every blogger's dream is to be the number one search engine result for something you are writing about. It isn't quite the same as saying that you are the definitive source on the subject, but it still feels nice to know that you are the first person some random person half way around the world may end up consulting on a topic.

On the other hand, one real easy way to get at the top of a search engine search is to be the most prominent blog to have misspelled a key word which the person making the search also misspelled. Not all fame is welcome, especially when it shows that you can't spell something right.

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