12 October 2005

Good News Roundup

Statin drugs, like Lipitor, which are drugs designed to reduce cholesterol, have reduced cholesterol levels in the United States, especially in elderly people.

Seatbelt use by children is up in Colorado, even if adults are now using them slightly less often.

Wind power from Xcel Energy is cheaper than conventional electricity in Colorado.

Denver's 400 school bus fleet is converting to biodiesel. This reduces air pollution around young children, moves the nation closer to energy independence, helps domestic farmers and costs just 5 cents a gallon more than conventional diesel fuels after a federal tax break is factored into the equation. The additional costs will be paid for with state and federal grant money.

The Air Force is withdrawing a policy that gave chaplins a green light to proselytize unchurched service members (after being faced with a religious discrimination lawsuit citing the policy).

A five year old girl has survived after four days buried in Pakistani earthquake rubble.

Flood waters have now been completely pumped out of New Orleans.

Liberals in Denver are sharing spirits this evening (and beer and wine as well). I'm afraid that I'll have to take a pass this time, however (again).

China has successfully launched its second manned space mission.

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