15 October 2005

Justice Thomas: Cruel and Unusual.

A woman who is sixteen weeks pregnant is in jail in Missouri. She wants an abortion. A U.S. District Judge has ordered that she may have it. She found funds to pay for it herself. The state appeals, using a sham of $350 of expenses they claim she must pay to have guards accompany her to try to deny her an abortion (which she will not be able to get legally in Missouri after 22 weeks).

Justice Thomas, acting alone, as the judge responsible for the 8th Circuit, stays the U.S. District Court's ruling. Where is the irrepairable harm, Justice Thomas, if the State of Missouri must be out $350 for a few days or weeks? He could have issued an order stating that the order is stayed pending the payment of $350. But, did he? No. He simply wants to deny this woman her rights because he disagrees with the law. It is another cruel and unusual ruling from a cruel and unusual man who is not qualified to be a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

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