07 October 2005

More On the Achievement Gap.

Newspaper stories on the inequalities in CSAP performance between various demographics have done a poor job of analyzing the data. The Bell Policy Center has a report that does a much better job.

The Center also has some nice studies available on the inequalities in College education in Colorado:

2005 White Paper series on Higher Education:
No. 1: Exploring Colorado's Educational Pipeline
No. 2: Who Goes to College in Colorado, and Who Doesn't?
No. 3: Who Finishes College in Colorado, and Who Doesn't?
No. 4: Who Serves Low-Income Undergraduates in Colorado?
No. 5: Who Serves Minority Undergraduates in Colorado?
No. 6: Student Loan Default Rates in Colorado

Neither report presents news that is shocking to anyone familiar with the issues, but both provide solid documentation of the facts.

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