18 October 2005

Prince William's Girlfiend.

I don't buy the taboloids, but I do occassionally look at the covers while waiting in line at the grocery store (I do almost all the grocery shopping in the family) and the headline yesterday bears mention. My apologies to all of you who have been aware of this story for years. As it will affect gossip columns worldwide for years, however, it bears mention.

Multiple sources claim that twenty-three year old Prince William, the eldest son of Crown Prince Charles, and hence the man second in line to be King of England, has a serious girlfriend by the name of Kate Middleton, the twenty-three year old child of wealthy commoners, who could become his bride (and, of course, as a result, a Princess) before too long. Another source (the aforementioned tabs) report that the Queen approves of her and that the two have been dating for three years. She is by all accounts level headed and discreet. Most accounts also claim that the two are deeply in love, although dissenting opinions on the state of their relationship exist.

While the British Monarchy is, from a practical perspective, more or less useless, William and Kate seem far better suited for the task than Charles and Camilla (who is now William's stepmother). Indeed, while it is officially out of the question, a majority of the British public would prefer it if Charles abdicated in favor of his son.

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hubs said...

ahhhhh. young love.

she' hot and mom approves. good for william.