01 February 2006

For A Limited Time Only

A classmate I grew up with will having open heart surgery in a few days. A condition initially diagnosed as pnemonia turned out to be more serious. Her recent child birth, involving a very long labor, pushed the situation to its breaking point. The procedure is, obviously, very serious and carries with it no guarantees.

Another woman, whom I don't know at all, but someone in my office does, just died in a vacation home fire, despite the fact that she was in good health.

A few weeks ago a relative of one of my aunts was suddenly diagnosed with a cancer so aggressive and advanced upon first discovery, that he has decided not to treat it. He will probably die in a matter of weeks.

We live for a limited time only. Grave peril doesn't always provide much warning. Life expectency is merely an average. You never know when you won't be able to do something you had dreamed of doing in life. If live your entire life postponing what you really want to live for in life, you may never get it. The clock stops for no one.

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