06 February 2006

God and Marriage

Colorado Springs is home to Focus on the Family and other nationally known evangelical Christian groups. It is in El Paso County, Colorado. Does the moral influence of these institutions impact the locals? Apparently, their negative moral influence does have an impact:

[T]he divorce rate in El Paso County is as high as 70 percent. That's—more than anywhere in Colorado, which has the fifth-highest divorce rate in the nation. . . .
[D]espite our well-established reputation as Scripture Central, we actually are a city of heathens. Only 21 percent of us actually go to a house of worship on any given weekend, well below the national average of 35 percent. . . "The notion that Colorado Springs is a religious city is a mega-misnomer. We have a ton of religious organizations, but we do not have a very spiritual city."

Focus on your own damn family.

Hat Tip to SoapBlox Colorado.

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