01 February 2006

Hurray For Miami University Hockey

I took a number of classes at Miami University of Ohio (although I graduated from Oberlin College in Ohio), and grew up in Oxford, Ohio, where the university is situated. I learned to ice skate on their rink on the other side of town, although it will soon be torn down and replaced with a new and improved one about two blocks from the house where I grew up in the very near future. The new digs are well deserved.

The truth of the matter is that I never even saw a Miami University hockey game (although my brother saw a number of them) and don't follow the sport at all. But, Miami University still deserves kudos for having the best college hockey team in the entire nation, a first in the university's 197 year history in any sport. (My alma mater, Oberlin College, in contrast, was known for having one of the ten worst college football teams in the entire nation at one point.)

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