03 March 2006

Del Mar Crab House

Is Del Mar Crab House on Larimer Street the worst restaurant in Denver? Some friends of mine went their last night. They weren't served the beers they ordered, the rare steak they ordered was provided well done, and there was a bug in their salt shaker. Even worse, the management didn't care, offering them a free crab cake with two dinner entrees at their next visit, and another round of beer. If you want good service go elsewhere.


Off Colfax said...

Yes. It is. They have an unfortunately rabid following, however. This will keep them in business for a while still.

However, more bugs in salt shakers will definately bring down the C&C health inspectors upon them. Please tell me your friends reported them?

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

If the health department's track record is anything like it used to be a year or two ago, it takes several hundred major violations to shut a place down.