01 May 2006

Christian Conservatives Are Evil.

There are times when I want to be ecumenical and look for some sliver of good and honor from the conservative Christianity in this country. Then, I remember that they want my daughter, and 5,000 other people a year, to die of cervical cancer.

Well, at any rate, they want the same thing. They want to block a 100% effective vaccine against the main cause of cervical cancer, HPV, because they think it will discourage their abstinence only campaign. HPV, which causes most cervical cancer, is one of the only sexually transmitted infectious agents not stopped by condoms. Thus, the HPV threat has been the rallying cry of abstinence only advocates for years. A vaccine eliminates that boogeyman. And, they think that having an argument to prevent girls from having sex is more important the stopping them from dying. If conservative Christians are right that there is a God, and that there is a Hell, they deserve to spend eternity in that Hell for the evil they do.


Anonymous said...

tell us how you really feel! ;-)

Stygius said...

Maybe not evil, but definitely morally impoverished, and arguably insane. This "argument" comes out of Tony Perkins' Family Research Council, best I can tell. I'd be curious to dig up its ultimate origin.

Anyway, posted on a bemused New Scientist piece on this about a year ago.

St. John said...

How about:

'Morally impoverished, unarguably insane' and subsequently: totally and completely evil.