04 May 2006

Wired Denver Government

Personal digital assistants have had a major impact on Denver. While the development has gone largely unhailed, every parking enforcement officer and fire marshall has one. City employees aren't the only ones. They are also ubiquitous among FedEx and UPS delivery guys. It will be interesting to see where the trend spreads.

For example, orginally, cell phones were sold as high priced toys for your luxury car. But, these days, you are as likely to see them in the hands of city bus riders or construction workers, who need them as they often aren't close to a phone and hard to reach, as you are to seem them in the hands of a traditional desk bound professional or executive, who spends most of his or her day within arms reach of a land line.

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Off Colfax said...

Don't forget cab drivers. A good portion of a good cabbie's business comes through their cell phones, at least here in the Denver Metro area.

Most of the bad cabbies just hang out at the airport full-time.