02 July 2006

The Denver Infill Blog

Go to any party in Denver and the conversation will inevitably turn to real estate. And, in Denver, much of the action is in infill, i.e., turning existing Denver territory into new or improved developments. I don't know how I missed it, but the Denver Infill Blog is a real gem, discussing one of my favorite topics, which started about the same time as this blog. Westword does a profile here. The business section of one of the big dailies mentioned it, and I turned to Google and voila!

While it is a bit intense, it is the best way in town to keep up with where the city is headed, and provides enough back story to make it far preferrable to going to the original sources.

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Curious Stranger said...

Pet peeve alert! There is nothing I hate more than a potentially very interesting "blog" with no RSS feed and no prospect of scraping an RSS feed (no permalinks to individual entries). It almost makes me cry.