06 March 2007

Colorado History

One of my hobbies is thinking about how history could have been different. You look for pivotal events that have defined the way the world is now. NewMexiKen has a great one that I was previously unaware of from February 28:

It was on this date in 1861 that Congress organized the Territory of Colorado and stole the Rio Grande headwaters, the San Luis Valley and a big chunk of plains from New Mexico.

I've often wondered why that territory wasn't part of New Mexico, and now I know.

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James Dodd said...

Well, as with most things, it is not that simple. The Mexican Cession actually took place in 1848 at the end of the Mexican-American War. Furthermore, the Mexican claim to the territory in the southwest is based upon the original Spanish claim which was based the conquest of the area from native peoples. Everyone's claim is based upon military conquest and, therefore, is a legitimate or illegitimate as everyone elses.