19 March 2007

Congratulations Meredith!

Colorado has a winner (7th place) in the prestigious Intel Science Talent search, which nets her a $20,000 scholarship:

Meredith Ann MacGregor, 18, of Fairview High School in Boulder, Colo., who studied the mechanisms behind the Brazil nut effect, in which granular particles separate according to size when they're shaken.

The Intel Science Talent Search rewards the kind of research that PhD scientists would be proud to have published. Colorado, Boulder, Fairview High School (a public high school in the Boulder Valley School District), and of course, Meredith Ann MacGregor and her friends and family, have something to be truly proud of here.


Stephen said...

I'm all for young people being interested in science. I'm even happier when that science can be applied to mixed nuts at a bar.

Barroom science is my absolute favorite. Like balancing two forks on the edge of a pint glass, it never fails to amaze. Thank you, Meredith, for giving me one more thing to do at the bar.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Boulder Valley Schools (even though I went to rival Boulder High)!

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

More details. The 4.0 student is Harvard bound.