29 March 2007

Wash Park Prophet Wins Westword Best Of Award

I'm honored to receive a Westword Best Of Denver Award.

Best Online Ramblings of a Renaissance Man: Wash Park Prophet


It's hard to pigeonhole Andrew Oh-Willeke, the erudite scribe behind the Wash Park Prophet blog. Is he a hard-nosed gadfly? A bookish legal theorist? A flighty postmodern philosopher? A romantic poet? In fact, he's all four -- and much more. One day he'll be crunching numbers on gang members in Colorado prisons, the next he'll be detailing the many judicial rulings that have relied on Wikipedia. After that, he'll write some verse based on a real-life Denver tourist who found the homeless more helpful than the cops. Then he'll expound on what society's obsession with zombie attacks suggests about the human condition. The result is sort of like a college semester squeezed into a web page -- minus the homework and the parties.


Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Some other blogs recognized (from those that are on my blogroll) include Denver Infill, Coyote Gulch, Mile High Buzz, Colorado Media Matters and Colorado Confidential.

Off Colfax said...

Congratulations, dude.

I've long thought that you were one of the best bloggers in the area. Now my initial impulse has been confirmed.

Dex said...

our man in wash park!

Julie O. said...

I have sometimes wondered if you were really just one person.