02 July 2007

Mortgage Fraud Alert

The greater Denver business with the website of www.capitalvigilfundingdept.com is probably a fraud.

Why do I think that?

1. They try to advertise using blog comment spam. Spam advertisers are frequently engaged in fraud.

2. The principal of the business is Paul RunningHorse Vigil.

3. He is improperly trying to pass off motivational speeches as charitable contributions, and inaccurately listing his business as one in the manufacturing sector. This strongly suggests that he is a tax fraud promoter.

4. His business is engaged in the business of trying to sell mortgages in Colorado, but his name does not appear in the list of registered mortgage brokers in Colorado at the appropriate Colorado government website.

5. The website reads like a scam.

6. His substantive personal web comments are creepy chain letter comments.

7. His real estate broker's license was revoked in California on November 15, 2004 for conviction of a crime (see further confirmation here).

1 comment:

Gerald Trumbule said...

Thanks for the heads-up. I got spammed over the week-end at DenverDirect and wondered what he was up to. Strange that he included his phone number in the spam.