07 January 2008

Granny Flat Shout Out

A number of my readers are interested, like me, in the idea of promoting infill in Denver by making it easier to build granny flats, primarily in detached garages, in Denver. My next door neighbor has this arrangement, and it is certainly no more disruptive than the "QuickWins2" compliant duplex which is my other next door neighbor.

Anyway, Doug Hanna of Littleton has a blog that promotes plans for small houses including converted garages, and I'm offering this post as a shout out to her. (She also has dog toy and dog house blogs, something of interest to many of my neighbors, but not to me, a confirmed cat person, despite the fact that I have several dog law clients.)


Kevin Dickson said...

"Recently retired" Architect Michael Kephart, a Wash Park resident, is getting back into the marketplace by creating "beautiful alleys".

Check out his blog, then get one for yourself. Friends of Granny flats calculates that a $1000 mortgage payment will yield $1300 to $1800 a month in rent.

This movement could help beleaguered housing industry actually survive.

Kevin Dickson said...

Mike's blog is at

fred hammer said...

The granny flats idea would also help Blueprint Denver achieve its stated goal of 8000 new dwelling units in Areas of Stability.

Granny Flat Builder said...

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