06 July 2009

Four Years Of Blog

July 3 was the fourth anniversary of this blog, in which time, I made 3918 posts, a rate of 2.68 posts per day. It excludes 292 posts I made at Colorado Confidential (although about a dozen were cross-posts), 35 posts of a half written novel at Wash Park Poet, and several dozen diaries of Daily Kos, in the same time period. I've also posts diaries (mostly, cross-posts, at Colorado Pols and Square State). Before Wash Park Prophet, I was blogging at the now largely defunct Political State Report and as a Daily Kos diarist (the source of the Poltical State Report gig).

I made more posts in June this year than in any month since July 2006, and also featured "New Orleans Doomed", the most heavily commented upon post in the history of this blog, as I write, 55 comments, although some of my Daily Kos diaries have received far more comments in that more highly trafficed and more interactive forum. Four other posts at this blog have drawn thirty or more comments.

Traffic (currently a little less than two hundred unique visitors a day), and links to posts on this blog, are down considerably from their peak, but I've never really done it for the traffic or links, not primarily anyway, so that isn't a big deal.

Before I started blogging or keeping a journal, I clipped newspaper stories and wrote down ideas on loose sheets of paper and I still have several bankers boxes worth of those in my home office, and a couple of storage rooms in my home. Now, I generate very little of that clutter in the physical world. Committing ideas to writing also mitigates, although it doesn't entirely prevent, my pre-blogging habit of writing the same idea over and over and over after I have an idea, almost as much as a mnemonic as a way of producing new ideas. This frees up more mental space for new ideas, and makes it possible to better track how ideas evolve.

I am well aware that my copy editing leaves much to be desired, but lack the time and the disposition to fix my older posts. Amazingly, I still haven't managed to earn the fringe benefit of a copy editor for my blog with any of my day jobs.

Lately, I've done more law blogging and less military and science blogging.

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Dave Barnes said...

And, we hope you continue to blog.
Always worthwhile.
Even though we disagree about almost everything.