28 July 2009

"Keep Your Government Hands Off My Medicare!"

One of the problems with democratic decision making is that lots of the people who care a lot about the results, and vote for the people who make the decisions, aren't smart enough to have any idea what they are doing. The quote above, from a constituent at a Republican town meeting, illustrates the problem.

As Krugman notes, in the blog post that is the source of the quote above, "we already have a system in which the government pays substantially more medical bills (47% of the total) than the private insurance industry (35%)." Medicare is, of course, a socialized, taxpayer funded, government single payer system for those age sixty-five and older in the United States, and the largest single source of government health care spending.

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Chindogu said...

I get sick at my stomach when I realize that these idiots vote too. Talk about welfare kings & queens!. Retired from 6-figure jobs, drawing that Social Security, healthcare courtesy of Medicare, and ranting at me for having voted for a "socialist." Dear Lord have mercy on us all...