Citation and Quotation Conventions

As I write this blog I employ a number of editorial conventions for quoted or cited material, which are in force even if I do not expressly mention them, particularly for quoted material.

1. I frequently remove citations in quoted material, particularly if they are not part of the body text whether they are in note form or parenthetical form, without editorial indication.

2. I will frequently add or remove paragraph breaks in quoted material to facilitate ease of reading in this blog's format which differs from what works in the original.

3. I generally indicate editorial omissions with . . .  and add material myself to explain or qualify quoted matters in square brackets such as [this]. 

4. I generally indicate changes to capitalization in square brackets.

5.  Usually, but not always, I will preserve the order of the original material that is in blockquotes, but sequential blockquotes and quotes are often not in order.

6.  Most material is reformatted for "large" and "default" font, with full justification. If I don't, it is usually because the source material contains highly formatted material with scientific equations and symbols that are lost with a font change, or because I'm in a rush.

7.  I do not attempt to preserve any margins, centering, italic, bolding, or the like in the original in most cases, and usually bolded and underlined material is my own emphasis rather than emphasis from the original.

8.  I will sometimes spell out symbols in the original rather than reproducing the symbol, when it is easier to follow.

9.   I will sometimes use the carrot sign ^ in lieu of preserving a superscript in the original and will sometimes use round brackets (like this) in lieu of subscripts in the original.

10.   I use an approximation of Bluebook citation form for references (i.e. author, "title", volume number, journal name, first page or article number sometimes with a page range or pinpoint citation page, year and sometimes full date, DOI number), regardless of the prevailing citation form in the discipline cited or the citation form in the original.

11. If I quote a quotation within a source I reserve the right to cite only to the source without indicating that it is a quote within the cited source.

12. I reserve the right to quote myself without quotations or other indications of a reference or source.

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