20 October 2005

Target Pharmacies.

Target has a policy that ensures a guest’s prescription for emergency contraception is filled, whether at Target or at a different pharmacy, in a timely and respectful manner. This policy meets the health care needs of our guests while respecting the diversity of our team members.

Via They Get Letters.

I wonder if they let team members who are Scientologists refuse to dispense Prozac and Ritalin as well. Maybe they should just put on of those Times Square style news feeds in front of every store that could display the words: "The Idiots Are In The Pharamacy Now.", so that we could all be saved the trouble of having to go into the store and encounter them in person.

If you can't handle dishing out the pills that the doctor orders you should turn in your pharmacy license now and find another profession where you can legitimately impose your values on others, like joining the clergy.