09 November 2005

Can't Take It Anymore?

This blog can be serious, to a fault. Taxes, bankruptcy, military technology, religious movements, intellectual property, disease, physics theories, elections, energy policy, and more. The Wash Park Comedian site is not yet ready for prime time, and it probably never will be. But, if you want some local color and a less serious look at the world, with far more illustrations, go to Radhole, where you can indulge in such wonderful diversions as clown dancing, cheerleaders having sex in bathrooms, the asthetics of DVD packaging, Halloween costumes and solar system astronomy. Show Russ some love. Then, when you're ready to think serious thoughts and save the world again, come back here.


Anonymous said...

I've also enjoyed reading Russ' commentary and musings! He has also posted some great stuff on my blog... while he did provide a very nicely written review of Paris on the Platte, my favorite was his review of St. Mark's coffeeshop: (this one had me laughing out loud):

"At 3:09 PM, russ said...
Drinking coffee is one of the greatest pleasures in my life. I have been frequenting St. Mark’s or a while now. A cozy coffeehouse in uptown Denver it is. I cannot get enough of the deep black joe. That almost sounds filthy, as though I want and desire deep black joe to enter me. That’s not the case. I am just talking about coffee, you pervs."

Comedian indeed :-)

russ said...

i forget about this shout-out!