08 November 2005

Constitutional Amendments

There have been 47 constitutional amendments proposed this Congressional session. Those with some merit are in bold, although none of them are really necessary. The rest are bad ideas.

Repeal the 22nd amendment (would allow presidents to serve more than two terms) (2 versions)
Repeal the 16th amendment (would outlaw the income tax)
Allow God in the Pledge of Allegiance
Flag desecration (3 versions)
Line item veto (5 versions)
Gay marriage (3 versions)
School prayer (2 versions)
Eminent domain
Allow naturalized citizens to become president (3 versions)
Limit use of personal funds in campaigns
Balanced budget
Allow residents of U.S. territories to vote for president
Allocate House seats by number of citizens, not number of residents
Maintenance of Social Security
Declare English the official language of the United States
Equal rights for women
Make the filibuster part of the constitution

Term limits (2 versions)
Right to life
Repeal birthright citizenship (2 versions)
Continuity of operations in case 25% of Congress is killed (2 versions)
Abolish income, estate, and gift taxes
Term limits for judges
Right to a home
Progressive taxation
Right to a clean environment
Right to full employment
Right to decent housing
Right to healthcare
Equal rights for women, reproductive rights
Right to public education
Abolish the electoral college

Hat Tip to Talk Left.

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