10 November 2005

Don't Send Your Girls To Juarez

Per Emrosa: "Almost 400 women have been murdered in that city [Mexico's Ciudad Juarez] since 1993--simply for being women. And the kicker is this: no one can seem to figure out who in the hell is doing it! The police are corrupt, and public officials are inept."

A failure to maintain basic law and order in less visible than many oppressive government actions, but it can do just as much to constrain people's lives.

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Anonymous said...

Juarez is NOT a nice place. I was there the first time on a road trip gone awry in college... dumb move, but we got out after getting lost in the worst parts of Juarez, followed by Police, etc...

Then came back a few years later on a trip where we brought in food, clothing, etc... truly an eye-opening experience to see a third world city first hand. Very sad to see the poverty there... most of us Americans think Cancun and Cozumel (the touristy parts)... when we think Mexico.