08 November 2005

Election Highlights.

Every pro-intelligent design member of the Dover, Pennsylvania school board has been replaced in this election by a pro-science Democrat.

Maine's Question 1, which would have repealed sexual orientation anti-discrimination legislation, was soundly defeated in a victory for gay rights advocates. About 57% of voters opposed the measure. Similar anti-gay issues in 1998 and 2000 had been successful.

Democrats have been elected in Governor's races in New Jersey, where Corzine won easily, and Virginia, where Kaine prevailed in a race where Kaine's role as a public defender trying to prevent his clients from being executed failed as a campaign issue. One of Virginia's nuttiest wingnuts in the state house was also defeated, despite the fact that the district is normally safely Republican.

In early returns it looks like Washington State will enact a statewide ban on smoking in public areas, will not repeal the gas tax, will defeat a proposed monorail measure in Seattle, and is defeating issue 330 (medical malpractice damages limitations).

Also in preliminary returns, most of the issues on the California ballot are heading to defeat. According to the Daily Kos with about 55% of the vote reported so far:

Proposition 73: Minor's pregnancy

Yes 49.3
No 50.7

Proposition 74: Teacher's tenure

Yes 47.3
No 52.7

Proposition 75: Public union dues

Yes 49.9
No 50.1

Proposition 76: Spending limits

Yes 40.0
No 60.0

Proposition 77: Redistricting

Yes 42.9
No 57.1

Proposition 78: Drug discounts (Rx industry backed)

Yes 42.0
No 58.0

Proposition 79: Drug discounts (consumer groups backed)

Yes 34.7
No 65.3

Issues 74-77 were a package of reforms from the Governor. Only the union dues provision (75) has a glimmer of hope from that batch, and it is close. Issue 73 about parental notification for a minor's abortion is also close. Issue 80 on electricity re-regulation is also going to defeat. In all likelihood, all of the issues will eventually be defeated as the uncounted vote is includes all of Los Angeles and a number of other liberal strongholds.

The Reform Ohio Now slate of issues (2-5) was trounced. "The election proposals — all constitutional amendments — would have opened absentee balloting to all voters, lowered the limit on individual campaign contributions, put a board in charge of drawing congressional and legislative districts instead of elected officials and switched election supervision from the secretary of state to another board." From here, citing the AP.

Republican Mayor of New York Bloomberg has been re-elected by a 2-1 margin.

Anti-gay marriage issue 2 in Texas has passed by a 3-1 margin or so.


Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Dems have retaken the Tuscon City Council, and with more than 80% of the vote in and the vast majority of the uncounted votes from relatively liberal LA and Alameda County, it is clear that every statewide initiative on the ballot in CA failed.

Kyle said...

I wonder if Arnold will have any cute quips for this defeat?