06 March 2006

1200 Posts

More meta analysis. One percent of blogging time isn't too much to devote to self-reflection. I haven't split the blog yet, but am still considering it (search 1100 posts for background). A long considered indexing post plan is also on hold.

Working in the shadow of the legislative session distorts your perspectives and sense of time. It is hard to be meditative and look at the long term when the world is swirling around you on a 120 day calendar (including weekends!). Legal practice is much the same when you are immersed in big cases. I tend to avoid blogging on anything, legislative or legal, that I am actively working on as a defense against disclosing confidences unwisely (although this is not a hard and fast rule), so when both of those activities are active, as they are now, a sense of story balance also grows a little uncertain.

This blog is now just over eight months old. No birthday plans, for the blog, are in the works.

Comments and requests are welcome.

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