25 September 2007

Ford Factories

For comparison purposes with General Motors, I have listed the location of Ford factories below based upon Wikipedia's list. In both the GM and Ford case, plants closing in 2007 are excluded, while plants scheduled to be closed in the future are included.

In the United States, there are Ford automobile manufacturing factories in the following states:

Michigan 18
Ohio 8
Illinois 2
Kentucky 2
New York 1
Missouri 1

There are 75 Ford factories abroad including 4 in Canada (all in Ontario) and 6 in Mexico.

Ford's sister company Mazda has 17 factories outside of North America (none in Canada or Mexico), and 3 in the United States. All three of Mazda's U.S. factories are included in the Ford list, and seven of Mazada's 17 the factories abroad, are included in the Ford list.

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