03 July 2005

Welcome to Wash Park Prophet

Sometimes endings are also new beginnings. I left the Political State Report blog yesterday, where I had been the Colorado contributor. It has posted an entry that constituted a personal attack on me and most of the bloggers there, and then only slowly and grudgingly removed it. The fact that it was removed, and that there was some sort of apology is a good thing, but I don't need that kind of brain damage in my own blog. Of course, blogging is an addictive habit, not so easily cast aside. I've also been a regular diarist at Daily Kos, and expect to continue to be one. But, its purely political focus is limiting in another way.

This blog will be broader. It will address both state and national politics. It will discuss legal issues and the tax code. It will talk about developments in modern physics. It will consider technological developments, both military and civilian. It will take on cultural trends and religious issues. It will look at the prospects of Denver, Colorado, including my own neighborhood, Washington Park. The common theme is a focus on the future.

People care about the news, not because they want to know what happened in the past, but because they care about where the world is heading. This blog presents my informed opinion on where the world is heading and where it needs to go. I'm an atheist, but this little adventure in futurism does merit the the title of prophecy, for foreseeing the future is art and not science, is rooted in intuition as well as reason, and holds the same mix of ambiguity and a captivating need to know what is coming as religious prophecy.

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