10 December 2007

Missing The Point

People can't hear things that they can't imagine.

My [story] . . . comes from a friend who was a speech therapist at a school district in New York State. The principal (in his first year at the school) was complaining to the school secretary and the speech therapist about a couple who had not responded to a letter asking them to authorize summer school for their special-education child. The exchange went something like this:

"I don't think either of them can read," the school secretary told the principal.

"But we sent them a letter," the principal said. "They have to respond to the letter. Send them another copy."

"I don't think they can read," the secretary repeated. "They don't have a phone, either, so you'll need to go out there to talk to them."

"Usually someone from the staff goes out and talks to the parents," the speech therapist said.

"Send them another copy of the letter," the principal said. "They're supposed to read to the letter."

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