21 December 2008

Dishonest Abusive Denver Cop Prosecuted

Det. Michael Cordova, a Denver police officer who was caught beating up a bicyclist on videotape and then lied about having done so in court is being prosecuted by Denver's District Attorney.

Charges initially brought against the man beaten were withdrawn, and Cordova is now being prosecuted for assault. Perjury charges have not been brought. It isn't yet clear what discipline Cordova will face from Denver's police department.


Anonymous said...

Obviously, the police dept. will wait for the criminal case to play out. Meanwhile, per policy (per the newspapers), the cop will be suspended without pay.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Prior to the criminal case, he was put on desk job duty during the DNC but not suspended without pay.

Anonymous said...

Per dept. policy, he was suspended without pay after being charged with a felony. Do your research!