02 March 2009

Kenny Be v. Paris

I recently looked at a page full of pictures of outfits from the Paris Fashion Show and came away from the experience wonder what monsters would wear any of those outfits.

Then, I looked at Westword cartoonist Kenny Be's Denver answer to the Paris fashion show. Honestly, while his ideas are absurd, they are slightly less absurd than the Paris offerings. For example, his idea of "The Denver Tuxedo" sounds exactly like what my elementary school aged son will be wearing when he finally goes to the prom a decade or so from now:

The ubiquitous North Face Bionic jacket and Adidas track pants are elevated from everyday Denver slob couture into elegant evening wear with the addition of a bow tie and cummerbund.

Maybe we really are a cow town at heart. Losing a newspaper didn't help that image either.

Meanwhile, for insights into what my daughter might be wearing in a similar time frame, I reviewed Teen Vogue while off getting a hair cut for one of the kids. I swiftly concluded that it will take many years of parental fortitude development before I'm ready to do that again.


Dave Barnes said...

You silly boy.
You be in control of what your children wear to the prom.
They (and maybe their Mom) will be.
You lose.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Almost a Haiku.