09 March 2010

Ladies Night Promotes Public Health

Some people are aggressive mean drunks. Overwhelmingly, these people are not women. These people are also disproportionately men who weight 215 pounds. (FWIW, the study used screwdrivers to get the subjects drunk.)

There is even more good news for women who drink alcohol from a study of the drinking habits and weight of 19,220 women over age 38 who started the study at a normal weight:

[A]fter almost 13 years about 41 percent of the women were overweight or obese. Women who reported drinking no alcohol — 38 percent of the entire sample — gained the most weight. A statistical analysis showed that women who did not drink could expect to gain 3.45 to 3.80 kg during the 13-year study. In contrast, women who drank moderately — about one to two glasses of wine a day — could expect to gain between 2.13 and 2.99 kg.

The trend held true up through moderate drinking levels, but researchers didn’t have enough heavy drinkers in their sample group to analyze. Only 3 percent of their sample group reported drinking two to three drinks per day or more.

The type of alcohol didn’t much matter. . . . Red wine, white wine, beer and liquor all showed the same trend.

This could be because drinking often leads to dancing in women: "Women of normal weight . . . tend to burn more calories after drinking alcohol than the alcohol itself provides."

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Dave Barnes said...

Remind me to tell my trophy wife about this study.
The still hot, sexy trophy wife.