28 July 2010

Bar Examinee Shout Out.

My condolences to those of you out there taking the bar exam this week. FWIW, taking the bar exam sucks much less than passing it but not having steady paycheck as a lawyer six months later, a situation that many of you will also have to endure this year.

As I noted in a post many months ago at this blog (under the Legal Education tag):

Prior to 1890, when New Hampshire adopted one, there was no such thing as a bar exam; every state, but one, had one by 1915. A college education wasn't a prerequiste to law school in the United States until about 1900 (and is still not in most of the world). When Yale Law School was founded in 1843, there were only eight law schools in the country and many lawyers learned the profession in another lawyer's office rather than in a law school. From 1779 to 1817, there was only one law school in the United States (at the College of William and Mary). Harvard Law School, founded in 1817, was the second.

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